Census Application Programming Interface (API)
The Census Bureau released its first ever Application Programming Interface (API). This online service aims to encourage innovation and provides the building blocks for developers to design online and mobile apps, such as interactive maps, charts and databases, using a variety of Census Bureau statistics. The API provides statistics down to the neighborhood level (tracts and block groups) from the 2010 Census Summary File 1, the 2006-2010 American Community Survey, and the recently released 2007-2011 American Community Survey. With these datasets available in the form of an API, database editors and other developers have easier access to a wide variety of timely, localized information, including population totals, age, sex, race, Hispanic origin, home ownership, education, income, employment, commuting and occupation.
Accessing Data through Census API
In order to access data, users will need to request an API key here:

Sustainable Communities Roadmap
The Sustainable Communities Roadmap below describes how developers and practitioners can stream live data from a variety of Federal data sources using the Census API. Using the information in the table along with the API, users can design their own software apps, tables, and databases.
Example - Mode Share, Total Workers
This example shows an example query to access mode share data for all workers (Table: B08301_001). Data is accessible to software developers through a stateless HTTP GET request. The API key needs to be inserted into the request URL(replace "YOURKEYHERE" in examples below with your key) in order for query results to be returned. To access this dataset at various census geographic levels used in EPA Sustainable Communities HotReports is shown below:

For returning data for all Census Tracts within a county:







Other Examples
Census Age Finder App

Cornell Program on Applied Demographics App
Sustainability Measures Table
Performance Measure Data Source Table Cells
Mode share: percentage of workers commuting by non-auto modes ACS 2006-2010, Table B08301, Means of Transportion to Work B08301_001E, B08301_002E, B08301_003E, B08301_004E, B08301_005E, B08301_006E, B08301_007E, B08301_008E, B08301_009E,B08301_010E, B08301_011E, B08301_012E, B08301_013E, B08301_014E, B08301_015E, B08301_016E, B08301_017E, B08301_018E, B08301_019E, B08301_020E, B08301_021E
Average commute time ACS 2006-2010, Table C08136 (Aggregate Travel Time to Work) and Table B08301 (Means of Transportation to Work) C08136_001E, B08301_002E, B08301_001E, B08301_021E
Percent of households with housing costs greater than 30% of income ACS 2006-2010, Table B25106 (TENURE BY HOUSING COSTS AS A PERCENTAGE OF HOUSEHOLD INCOME IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS ) B15016_001E, B15016_006E, B15016_010E, B15016_014E, B15016_018E, B15016_022E, B15016_028E, B15016_032E, B15016_032E, B15016_036E, B15016_040E, B15016_044E
Median housing costs as percentage of median income ACS 2006-2010, Table B25104 (MONTHLY HOUSING COSTS (DOLLARS)) and Table B19013 (Median Household Income) B19023_001E, B25015_001E
Job Growth QWI
Unemployment Rate ACS 2006-2010 Table B23001, SEX BY AGE BY EMPLOYMENT STATUS FOR THE POPULATION 16 YEARS AND OVER B23001_090E, B23001_094E, B23001_097E, B23001_101E, B23001_104E, B23001_108E, B23001_111E, B23001_115E, B23001_118E, B23001_122E, B23001_125E, B23001_129E, B23001_132E, B23001_136E, B23001_139E, B23001_143E, B23001_146E, B23001_150E, B23001_153E, B23001_157E, B23001_160E, B23001_162E, B23001_165E, B23001_167E, B23001_170E, B23001_172E, B23001_004E, B23001_008E, B23001_011E, B23001_015E, B23001_018E, B23001_022E, B23001_025E, B23001_029E, B23001_032E, B23001_036E, B23001_039E, B23001_043E, B23001_046E, B23001_050E, B23001_053E, B23001_057E, B23001_060E, B23001_064E, B23001_067E, B23001_071EB23001_074E, B23001_076E, B23001_079E, B23001_081E, B23001_084E, B23001_086E, B17001_001E
Share of population with a college degree ACS2006-2010 Table B15002, SEX BY AGE BY EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT FOR THE POPULATION 18 YEARS AND OVER B15002_001E, B15002_015E, B15002_016E, B15002_017E, B15002_018E, B15002_032E, B15002_033E, B15002_034E, B15002_035E
Share of income held by top 5 percent of households ACS 2006-2010 ACS B19082 SHARES OF AGGREGATE HOUSEHOLD INCOME BY QUINTILE B19082_006E
Share of children living below poverty line ACS 2006-2010 Table B17001, POVERTY STATUS IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS BY SEX BY AGE B17001_001E, B17001_004E, B17001_005E, B17001_006E, B17001_007E, B17001_008E, B17001_009E, B17001_018E, B17001_019E, B17001_020E, B17001_021E, B17001_022E, B17001_023E
Poverty rate ACS 2006-2010 Table B17001, POVERTY STATUS IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS BY SEX BY AGE B17001_001E, B17001_002E, B17001_003E, B17001_004E, B17001_005E, B17001_006E, B17001_007E, B17001_008E, B17001_009E, B17001_017E, B17001_018E, B17001_019E, B17001_020E, B17001_021E, B17001_022E, B17001_023E
Share of population with a high school degree ACS2006-2010 Table B15001, SEX BY AGE BY EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT FOR THE POPULATION 18 YEARS AND OVER B15002_001E, B15002_006E, B15002_007E, B15002_008E, B15002_009E, B15002_010E, B15002_014E, B15002_015E, B15002_016E, B15002_017E, B15002_018E, B15002_022E, B15002_023, B15002_024E, B15002_025E, B15002_026E, B15002_030E, B15002_031E, B15002_032E, B15002_033E, B15002_034E, B15002_038E, B15002_039E, B15002_040E, B15002_041E, B15002_042E, B15002_047E, B15002_048E, B15002_049E, B15002_050E, B15002_051E, B15002_055E, B15002_056E, B15002_057E, B15002_058E, B15002_059E, B15002_063E, B15002_064E, B15002_065E, B15002_066E, B15002_067E, B15002_071E, B15002_072E, B15002_073E, B15002_074E, B15002_075E, B15002_079E, B15002_080E, B15002_081E, B15002_082E, B15002_083E
Median household income ACS 2006-2010 Table B19013 B19013_001E
Monthly average earnings per job QWI

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