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HotReports Authoring Tool

The HotReports Authoring Tool uses analytical output from DataFerrett for the creation of customized websites that are developed by Subject Matter Experts ensuring appropriate measures are used, as well as statistical accuracy. In so doing, the need for an intermediary developer and the requisite back and forth on specifications and requirements is eliminated, saving significant time and money. The HotReports Authoring Tool utilizes a simple drag and drop interface to allow an analyst with no programming skills to easily create interactive, dynamically built web reports and dashboards.

The HotReport author has complete control over the look of the report as well as the options available within the report including graphical type, user access to underlying data, and interactivity on the page. The authoring tool also creates dynamic, data-driven text that responds to user interaction with the click of a mouse. The author lays out the page just one time, clicks publish and instantly an infinite number of custom reports based on user selections are available with virtually no wait time.