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Narrative Profile

The Narrative Profile brings a little bit of everything the American Community Survey has to offer and makes it accessible to the public in the form of a beautiful custom-written report, available for each census tract, zip code tabulation area, county, town and state in America.

This report is innovative by allowing users to find their location on a map and have a report written about their neighborhood with the click of a button.

Narrative Profile HotReport


click here to view the Voting HotReport

This report visualizes long-term trends in voting by state for different race, age, education, and sex groups for Congressional and Presidential elections.


Industry Snapshots

This HotReport may seem simple to the user, but simplicity hides the power and complexity of this tool. The Industry Snapshots combine four censuses worth of information on America’s economy. Each combination of NAICS and geography has it’s own page if comparable data is available. Users can view several maps by state and county, view a table of key statistics, and see graphs of how the industry has changed over time.

Industry Snapshot HotReport screenshot

Business Dynamics Statistics

click here to view Business Dynamics Statistics HotReport This interactive report grants users access to decades of rich data about American businesses. The data are presented in a variety of formats (lines, bars and maps) and users have server types of information breakouts to choose from.

This type of HotReport allows users to perform complex analyses using only a mouse and a browser window. It also acts as a data dissemination tool by allowing users to drill-down into the data before exporting it into .csv format for use in other analysis systems. Screenshot of the Business Dynamics Statistic HotReport that Measures by Sector

Public Libary Survey

Sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Public Libraries HotReport combines data from several surveys to provide stakeholders with key information about the communities served by local libraries. It includes maps, graphs, tables and text to communicate important information.

Public Libary Survey HotReport screenshot


Sustainable Communities

This HotReport is designed to give community leaders and residents a quick and easy way to determine how well your community is performing on a variety of sustainability indicators. Information comes from a variety of sources including the American Community Survey, Census 1990, 2000 and 2010, the Department of Labor's Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages and State Occupational Projections, and the Census Bureau's Local Employment Dynamics (LED).

EPA sustainable communities HotReport screenshot