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DataFerrett is a web-based data analysis tool developed by the U.S. Census Bureau designed to equip users with the ability to analyze large amounts of data and create customized reports to support decision making. Its users work for a myriad of organizations, such as agencies of the Federal Government, state and local governments, universities, private enterprise, non-profit organizations and divisions within the Bureau of the Census. DataFerrett draws upon the DataWeb, a distributed network of public and private databases providing a vast amount of statistical information that is continually updated and expanded

This free web application enables users to create tables, graphs and maps to visualize analytical results, which can be pasted into documents and presentations without installing expensive statistical or mapping software. DataFerrett supports:

DataFerrett provides powerful tabulation capabilities through a simple and flexible table layout, returning results quickly for even the largest dataset. Tables are created by using a simple drag and drop approach, with the ability to:

DataFerrett and TheDataWeb use a sophisticated metadata database that facilitates access to multiple data types, including microdata (individual survey or census records), aggregate data (pre-summarized data), time series data (a measure over time), and longitudinal data (follows a person over time). The metadata supports data usage rules to ensure proper results without having in-depth knowledge about a specific data type. TheDataWeb metadata is also the key to allowing for re-use of saved analyses and for the creation of analyses over time using recurring datasets.

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