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Other Services (except Public Administration) (NAICS 81)

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2012 Receipts Revenue per capita ($)

Receipts Revenue per capita ($)
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Source: 2012 Economic Census
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The Industry Snapshots present key statistics from three Census Bureau economic programs, as well as per capita ratios using data from Population Estimates. Historical data are not shown when they are not comparable due to NAICS changes. See Definitions and Comparability in the Industry Statistics Portal and the Snapshot FAQs for more information.

The 2012 Economic Census is released on a flow basis so some data may not yet be available, and data for some industries are only available for the U.S. and by State. See the release schedule and the Geographic Coverage Tables for more information.

Key Industry Statistics: United States

Nonemployer establishments (establishments without paid employees)
Number of establishments 1,936,055 2,459,409 2,964,627 3,522,878 18.8%
Receipts ($1,000) 43,298,559 60,467,620 80,653,086 88,544,766 9.8%
Receipts per establishment ($) 22,364 24,586 27,205 25,134 -7.6%
Receipts per capita ($) 158.81 210.23 267.74 282.07 5.3%
Total Population 272,646,925 287,625,193 301,231,207 313,914,040 4.2%

* Data have not yet been released. Click here for the full 2012 Economic Census release schedule.

Other Services (except Public Administration) (NAICS 81)

Employer establishments in United States: 2008-2013
Source: 2008-2013 County Business Patterns. (See survey methodology for details about these data.)

Employment size and legal form of organization for establishments in United States with paid employees: 2013
Source: 2013 County Business Patterns. (See survey methodology for details about these data.)

Nonemployer establishments in United States (establishments without paid employees): 2008 - 2013
Source: 2008-2013 Nonemployer Statistics. (See survey methodology for details about these data.)

Source: Economic Census, County Business Patterns, Nonemployer Statistics, and Population Estimates.
Notes: triangleImg = Not available for graphing purposes.
All dollar figures are in current dollars for the period shown, and do not reflect changes in prices. For information on how these data are derived, see the Methodology text for each program.
For more statistics about this industry from other Census Bureau programs, see the Industry Statistics Portal.

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