Sustainable Communities HotReport
Welcome to the Sustainable Communities HotReport! The HotReport is designed to give community leaders and residents a quick and easy way to determine how well your community is performing on a variety of sustainability indicators. The HotReport includes indicators for the following topics: To view how your community compares to the state and U.S. on selected sustainability indicators, select a state and county: Sustainable Communities HotReport has been created in partnership with the US Census Bureau.
- Transportation

- Housing

- Economic development

- Income and

- Equity

You can select your community and view charts, tables, and maps showing performance trends over time. You can also select other communities that you consider as "peer" or comparison communities.

In the tradition of integrating disparate data to create new and useful products begun by the US Census Bureau's Data Web and Applications Staff, the Sustainable Communities HotReport searches an online network of public databases, known as TheDataWeb, and knits together a series of interactive web pages that incorporate calculations, maps, charts, text, and tables on demand. The data are extracted each time from the source without the user having to download or store it. The data in TheDataWeb are live streaming and automatically updated, provided in nonproprietary format at no cost to the public, using official Census metadata. As this integrated database is expanded in the future, more indicators will be added to this report.

Information comes from a variety of sources including the American Community Survey, Census 1990 and 2000, the Department of Labor's Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages and State Occupational Projections, and the Census Bureau's Local Employment Dynamics (LED). Data are maintained and updated by the collecting agency .

Much of the data shown in this report is also available through the Census' Application Programming Interface (API). With the API developers can design their own mobile or web applications, which the public can have access to.

This HotReport was developed by the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities (See OSC Style Guide) - with support from the US Census Bureau.

If you have questions or to report a problem, please contact Ted Cochin,

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